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Community Housing PartnershipCommunity Housing Partnership of Williamson County (CHP) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization working to achieve quality affordable housing for elderly, low income, disabled and work force families of Williamson County, Tennessee. By using housing alternatives, CHP seeks to create, supply and maintain appropriate housing by rehabilitation, maintenance and restoration.

CHP came into existence in October of 1994 as a partnership of citizens of the Williamson County community, local governmental units including Williamson County, the City of Franklin and the United Way of Williamson County. As Williamson County has experience tremendous population growth to become the 17th wealthiest county in 2006 and currently has higher priced housing, there exists a need in the community to provide safe and reasonably priced housing for the community’s workforce in this fast-paced growth market.

Governed by a Board of Directors, CHP has seen significant activity since its inception. CHP currently owns and operates 25 low-income housing rental units for county residents. CHP has done and continues to do extensive homeowner rehabilitation for substandard housing within the county. Partnering with area organizations, local government and volunteers, more than 1,200 elderly, disabled or low-income families have been assisted with major repairs to their homes. Using financial resources generated through various agencies, CHP has successfully renovated and sold numerous houses for homeownership in the county. Additional houses have been generated through donated properties from area government and through community donations. The establishment of a certified homebuyers counseling program also embellished the work program of single family homeownership for CHP. This has enabled CHP to counsel over 150 families in homeownership and help a number of them secure a home.

If you would like to contact CHP staff, they can be reached at 615.790.5556 or by email at murray@communityhousingpartnershipwc.org.

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